Rebelcell Batteries

Rebelcell Batteries

Why Lithium?
Lithium batteries have been on the rise for a few years now. More and more fishermen and water sports enthusiasts are opting for electric boating with a lithium battery, because of the advantages that lithium can offer. They weigh less, have a longer life and are easier to use. There are more and more convenient lithium batteries that provide the energy on and around the water. Rebelcell offers innovative batteries that are suitable for trolling motors, bow engines, electric outboard engines or for other electricity on board such as the fishfinder or the depth sounder.

Lead vs Lithium
Lithium batteries have many advantages over lead batteries. Lead batteries, however, are a lot cheaper in purchase than a lithium battery. The cheapest battery option will therefore often be a lead battery. Lithium batteries are much lighter in weight, have a longer lifespan and can be deeply discharged. Lithium batteries are slightly more expensive to purchase than lead batteries, but over the entire lifespan they are often cheaper because they last longer. We explain this in more detail at the bottom of this page.

Light weight
Anyone who has ever lifted a lead battery knows how heavy lead batteries are. Rebelcell lithium batteries are often many times lighter than comparable AGM or semi-traction lead batteries. A Rebelcell 12V50 AV lithium battery weighs only 5kg while a lead battery with the same capacity (a 105Ah semi-traction) weighs more than 26kg. The sailing time with both batteries with a trolling motor is the same. This has to do with the usable battery capacity. For many people, a lightweight battery for the trolling motor or electric outboard motor makes that they can enjoy an afternoon of boating much more.

Longer life span
Lithium batteries have many more life cycles than lead batteries. This means that you can charge and discharge them more often. Lead batteries typically have 300-500 cycles. To achieve this number of cycles, you also have to handle the battery very carefully (don’t discharge is to deeply, charge immediately after use, etc.) With a lithium battery you have 1000 cycles and less can go wrong. Per boating trip Lithium can therefore be cheaper.

Battery Management System (BMS): never discharge to deep again
Lead batteries can be discharged up to 50 and 75%. Many people do not realize enough that just discharging it too deep can mean that the battery is irreparably damaged. So if you don’t pay attention while sailing, you can damage the battery. All lithium batteries that Rebelcell offers are protected against this by a built-in BMS. This allows you to continue sailing without worrying until the battery is completely empty.

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