Fun Yak Caurie Boat 2m


  • Plastic rowlocks
  • Polyethylene bench
  • 2 large concave wheels
  • Mooring ring
  • 2 piece oars x 2
  • Deck lashing


Available on backorder

Fun Yak Caurie Boat 2m


A multi-purpose family/fishing or work boat with a stable, flat-bottom design. It has a good rowing position and is ideal for 1 adult and 1 child. The new design has wheels that help move the boat across sand easily.


  • Flat Bottom (like a catamaran)
  • Top side double hull rotomoulding (more buoyancy)
  • Adjustable bench
  • No drag when sailing (wheels on top)
  • Concave wheels make it easier on sand
  • Length: 2m
  • Width: 1.10m
  • Weight: 20.5kg
  • Height: 0.57m
  • Colour in Grey or Red

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