Ghost SupraCruz V2 One Set

Best Planner boards we ever tested, cuts through waves, comes in easy without sinking. colour codes for each side.


Ghost SupraCruz V2 One Set

These new planers pull better, compared to the previous version, in speeds exceeding 2 knots. They are comparatively more stabile and less jumpy in ruff conditions.

Other features:

-Much more resistant to scratches

-Rudders and arms are made of polycarbonate plastic which makes them very durable. You can really hit them in the floor without any problems. (But! Like the old ones, avoid contact with chemicals, like oils or gasoline that will harm the plastic.)

-They weigh around 15g more than the old version, but are more buoyant.

-The rudder thickness is now 1,75mm instead of 1,5mm. The arm thickness is still 1,5mm.

Supplied with Scotty mini power grip!!

Click here for video on how to use planner boards

Click here to see lures to match up with planner boards

Ghost SupraCruz V2 One Set best Planner board you can buy on the market and one of cheapest.

Planer boards are designed to help fishermen cover more area, and reach places they would not have been able to reach by regular fishing methods.

They are especially effective for trolling. When fish hear the sound of the roaring engine of a boat, most will swim to a safer location. Great news for the fish, but hardly the ideal situation for the fishermen who is trying to present his bait to the fish.

Letting out more line may seem to be the solution. However, you are still limited to covering only the area directly behind the boat. Also, depending on your rigging, letting out more line often means that your bait will sink deeper. This could lead to it getting caught in weeds or on the bottom, or may just not be ideal for the species of fish you were targeting.

With a planer board, you have complete control over the depth of your bait at any distance you want to place it, up to 150 feet or more away from the side of the boat. To control the depth, simply increase or decrease the length of the line between the planer board and the bait or lure. To increase or decrease the distance of the planer board from the boat, you can reel in the line or let it out more.

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