Rebelcell 12volt 140amp Li-ion with Charger

Compact and lightweight: the battery weighs just 12.5kgs

Easy charging: recharged quickly and in between charges (full recharge in 4-5 hours).

Reliable with long service life: built-in abuse protection (against deep discharge, overvoltage, high temperatures etc.) through BMS and service life up to 10 years.

2 Year warranty.


Delivery not included


NEW! 12V140 AV Li-ion battery with digital state of charger indicator, for use in the following applications:

Angling: 12V trolling engine, depth sounder, waterside battery.

E-boating: propulsion of 12V e-motor to 55 Lbs.

Recreation: as service battery for sailing yachts, motorboat, mobile home and caravan.


Runtime: depends on load, weather conditions, currents and use of trolling engine (running it in lower gear can more than double the runtime!). The battery can replace a lead-acid battery to 12V260Ah (indicative runtime:  8  ~ 12 hrs with a 55 Lbs e-motor).

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