RebelCell 24V50 Angling li-on battery (charger included)

24V50 Angling li-on battery (charger included) with integrated digital state of charge indicator and dual USB port.  Replaces a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack.

Use: specially developed for use in predator angling boats with 24V electric outboard engine and as power source for electric boating.

Runtime: same runtimne as a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack (in predator angling boats can run a 24V 80 Lbs e-motor up to 1 full fishing day).



  • Compact and lightweight: the batter weighs just 9,5 kg and is a ‘drop-in’ replacement for a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack of ~ 55kg. Weight savings of up to 45kg is therefore possible!
  • Top performance: continuous high thrust even when the battery is near. Deep discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or cycle life
  • Ease of use: lightweight and compact, recharged quickly and in between charges with li-ion battery charger (full recharge in 4-5 hrs), digital state of charger indicator, integrated USB port.
  • Reliable with long service life: built-in abuse protection (against deep discharge, overcharge, high temperatures etc.) through BMS with an expected service life of up to ~ 10 fishing / e-boating seasons.
  • 2-year warranty

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