RebelCell 24V50 Angling li-on battery

24V50 Angling li-on battery (charger included) with integrated digital state of charge indicator and dual USB port.  Replaces a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack.

Use: specially developed for use in predator angling boats with 24V electric outboard engine and as power source for electric boating.

Runtime: same runtimne as a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack (in predator angling boats can run a 24V 80 Lbs e-motor up to 1 full fishing day).


RebelCell 24V50 Angling li-on battery Inc Charger.

24V50 Lithium battery (1,25 KWh) with integrated digital state of charge indicator. Specially developed for use:
Angling: in predator fishing boats with 24V trolling engine
E-Boating: as power source for electric boating with 24V electric outboard engine.

Tip! Extend your fishing day and charge ‘on the go’ with the Range Extender.
Power: 24V – 50 Amps – 1.25 kWh. Replaces a 2 x 12V105Ah lead-acid battery pack.
Application: 24V electric outboard engines to 80 Lbs
Ease of use: charged within 4-5 hours (12A charger), deep discharge up to 100%
Runtime: depends on boat load, weather conditions, currents and use of e-motor, indicative runtime up to 1 fishing day with a 24V 80 Lbs e-motor.

Main Features

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: the battery weighs just 8.6 kg and is up to 70% smaller than an equivalent (2 x 12V105A lead-batteries) pack.
HIGH EASE OF USE: lightweight and compact, can be recharged quickly and in between charges (full recharge in 5 hours with 12A charger). State of charge indicator.
LOW BATTERY COSTS: up to 50% per year lower than a lead battery.
TOP PERFORMANCE: deep discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or cycle life.
RELIABLE AND LONG LIFE: built-in abuse protection (against deep discharge, over voltage, high temperatures etc.) through BMS and service life up to 10 years.
WARRANTY: two years on RebelCell 24V50 Angling li-on battery


Only use with 24V electric outboard engines. Always use a suitable fuse between the battery and trolling motor to protect both and use battery cables (with M8 tongue connectors) of sufficient thickness and (ANEN) plug connectors to connect your trolling motor to the battery for a safe and reliable connection.

Only charge with li-ion battery charger with CC/CV charge profile (29.4V max 25A).

Never use crocodile clamps to connect your trolling engine to the battery! These connections are not safe and can result in heat development, dangerous situations and damage to your trolling engine and battery. Damage caused by unsuitable connectors or cabling is explicitly excluded from our warranty terms.

Our batteries are splash-water proof according to the IP54 standard. They cannot be fully immersed in water or handle heavy rains. To avoid problems use a waterproof battery container or battery bag and position the battery upright on a slightly elevated level so that it is not continuously standing in the water, or water can enter via the top of the battery. Water damage is explicitly excluded from our warranty terms.

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