RebelCell Accessories fish finder

Converts voltage of the Rebelcell 12V25 and 12V50 Angling li-ion battery to a suitable voltage for use with fish finders with a maximum entry voltage of 16V (like the Raymarine Dragonfly).

Use: 12V fish finders with a maximum entry voltage up to 16V like the Raymarine Dragonfly.



  • 11-18V in DC – out DC 12V constant voltage convertor/stabilizer.
  • Easy connection: M8 tongues for easy connection to the voor 12V25 or 12V50 Angling li-ion battery. The black DC output  (-) and yellow-green DC output (+) are connected to the  – and + pole of the fish finder.
  • Built-in fuse to protect the Fishfinder: 3A in + DC output wire.
  • Waterproof: filled up with epoxy resin, IP65 waterproof, to be used outdoors in wet surroundings, like a fishing boat or kayak.
  • Buil-in abuse protection: switches off automatically in case of a short circuit, high temperature, high voltage and deep discharge.

ATTENTION! Only use the 12V DC Stabilizer FF with a 12V fish finder!

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