Rebelcell Ultimate 12V18 Package (charger inc)

Powerful and lightweight li-on battery with matching charger specially developed for use with bait boat, fish finder, belly boat and waterside energy needs. Drop-in replacement for 12V7A/12V9A lead-acid battery.


Runtime bait boat: more than 3x the runtime vs a 9A lead-acid battery.

Waterside energy:  charge up to 9 tablets or 15 smartphones (via the USB Adapter Duo).


Compact and lightweight: the battery weighs just 1.0 kg
Top performance: deep discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or cycle life (note: a lead-acid battery should not be discharged > 70%!)
Ease of use: lightweight and compact, recharged quickly and in between charges (full recharge in 4-5 hours), built-in abuse protection via BMS, Works with standard AC/DC converters.
Drop-in replacement: same size as standard 9A lead-acid bait boat batteries. No need for changes in wiring or electronics.
Long cycle life: last up to ~ 10 Angling seasons
2 year warranty

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