Tangiri TRION 560 DEEP-V is the largest Tangiri model for the most demanding fishermen. Trion 560 allows you to deal with the most extreme conditions on the largest reservoirs. The high side, the bottom of the DEEP-V type with 4mm aluminium are the main weapons in the clash with the biggest waves. Example of a great well built boat from Europe.

ZR560 Tiller Option €17999

ZRX560 Single Console €19,999

ZRX2560 Full Windscreen €21,999


556 CM

236 CM



Tiller Single Full Wi
Fishing deck ZR-560 ZRX-560 ZRX2-560
Swivel chair seats 4 4 4
Swivel deck chair 1 1 1
Captain’s seat on the slide 1 1 1
Folding armchairs 2 2
Hull seat locker 88l 88l 88l
Single bow seat locker 76l 76l 76l
Upper deck diagonal right seat locker 44l 44l 44l
Upper deck diagonal left seat locker 44l 44l 44l
Seat lockers of the upper deck left 60l 60l 60l
Seat lockers of the upper deck right 60l 60l 60l
Single bow seat locker 76l 76l 76l
Seat locker rear deck right 67l 67l 67l
Seat locker rear deck left 67l 67l 67l
Right seat locker, assembled under seat 37l 37l 37l
Left seat locker, assembled under seat 37l 37l 37l
Middle seat locker for fishing 230cm 230cm 230cm
Right side double seat locker 110l 110l 110l
Left side double seat locker 140l 140l 140l
Stainless steel cleats 4 4 4
Stainless rails 4 4 4
Transom protector for plastic engine
Fender bar in the side profile
Transport holder 3 3 3
Deck water drainage grille 1 1 1
Fastenings 4 4 4
Seat locker air vents 8 8 8
Bottom lift 10 10 10
Side passages 2 2 2
Fuel tank 110l 110l 110l
Attaching echo sounder transducer 1 1 1
Deck finish ZR-560 ZRX-560 ZRX2-560
Marine grade or nautolex vinyl lining
Sea locker’s bottoms finished with microgum
Wheelhouse console Tiller Single Double
Glass deflector
Steering wheel
Floor deck finishing ZR-560 ZRX-560 ZRX2-560
Perforated aluminium sheet or hi-tech marine lining
Hull ZR-560 ZRX-560 ZRX2-560
External hull painted with polyurethane paints in black (without bottom)
Tangiri graphics
Electricity ZR-560 ZRX-560 ZRX2-560
Main cabling
Battery charge display
Fuel level display
Speedometer display
Switches for bilge pump, boat lighting, deck lighting, horn
Bilge pump
Main switch
Fuse socket

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